Shishu Power 24/26

ShiShu Power 24/26 can be used extensively on
Turbine helicopters or aircraft and all 28V DC Piston
Avgas Engines. Where additional amp/hour capacity is
required to maintain voltage under load.

This unit deliver significantly higher
performance, resulting in faster and cooler starts
impacting directly on Engine life Enhancement.

The unitis designed to be carried-
For emergency power or for starting or for maintenance and is fitted

with an automatic 2-stage internal charger for maximum Battery life.

When connected, the unit delivers a unique lightweight,
Combination of Power & performance.

Battery - AGM-VRLA
Short Circuit Current: 2600A
Nominal voltage: 24V DC
Float Voltage: 28VDC
Boost Voltage: 30VDC
Amp/hour capacity: 26 Ah @ 10 hr rate (27°C)
Operating temp: -40°C to +60°C
Recombination Efficiency: > 98%
Self Discharge: less than 1% per week
Reverse Polarity Protection: Enabled
Over Voltage Protection: Enabled
Shelf life without re-charge: Up to 6 months
Deep discharge Capability
Powder Coated Case with lie-flat handle
Voltmeter: Solid State LED.
Battery State of Charge - Indicator.
Aircraft cable 2m (6ft/50SQ/MM/ISI)-with heavy-duty rubber NATO connector.
Charger 3.6 A MP 2-stage internal charger-Input 90–270V AC single phase.
Heavy Duty Battery D C - Kill Switch
Protection: C B incorporated
Dimensions: 260mm x 400mm x 150mm (HxLxW)
Weight: 22.5 Kgs