Battery Cart: Can Cater Up To- ATR 72

Short Circuit Current: 3600A
Nominal voltage: 28V DC
Float Voltage: 32VDC
Boost Voltage: 34VDC
Amp/hour capacity: 360 Ah @ 10 hr rate (27°C)
Air Craft Starter Relay p/n 6041H190: For starting Engines
Starter ON /OFF Switch with key - For starting Engines
Continues PWR S/W 1000A - For continues PWR O/P
Remote S/W - For servicing ( L/G, etc)
Auxiliary PWR imported connector - For Vacuum Cleaner, etc
Quick Disconnect Female Port - For 28 V DC hand lamp
Voltmeter with S/W - Installed
Quick Disconnect 1000 A - For PWR O/P (Imported)
Control Panel Transparent Cover with Lock & Key - For Weather Protection
Deep discharge Capability:
Powder Coated air-frame with Two Fixed Scooter Wheels on Axel
Interior acid & alkaline resistant paint, two Heavy duty Swivel Wheels
Accessory Box 7” / 12” with Lock & Key
Cable Compartment 7”/ 48”
Folded Push/ Pull Handle with Rubber grip with heavy-duty
Aircraft cable 2m (6ft/50SQ/MM/ISI)
Rubber NATO connector at one end
Quick Disconnect 1000 A at another end
Dimensions: 22in x 52in x 24in (HxLxW)
Weight: 75 Kgs